Why Choose Softop Socks?

  • Original & Best

    Softop® socks have been in production since our innovative design was patented in 1988. HJ Socks are now proud to showcase our ever-expanding range of Softop® socks with their elastic-free tops, providing a greater choice of styles, colours and yarns.
  • Non-marking

    Our original, uniquely-designed Softop® socks use 3 relaxation panels (hence 'soft top socks') that contract vertically, eliminating the need for elastic which can affect blood circulation and movement, or cause unsightly marking on your legs.
  • Non-constricting

    These soft top panels provide a gentle grip, socks that don't restrict circulation, don't leave marks on your legs, and stay up!
  • Suitable for diabetics

    Ideal for whose with sensitive feet, and for those who suffer with swollen feet or ankles.
  • Range of quality yarns, including cotton, wool and viscose derived from bamboo

    We choose the best yarns from which to make our socks. Now in a greater choice of styles, colours and yarns.
  • Available in multipacks for even better value

    Softop 3-pair and other multi-packs provide even better value than buying individual pairs. Look out for our 'pick & mix' packs, where you can choose the colours for your multipack.
  • Patented non-elastic top design

    The Original Soft Top Socks. Softops are a Non-Elastic, Non-Marking, Gentle Grip Sock for Men and Women.
  • Comfortable if worn all day No restrictive elastic causing pinching of the legs.

  • Extra-wide available with an additional 10% more room in the foot & leg

    You can also get Extra Wide Softop®, which comes with the same loose top, but with an extra 10% of space making them ideal for those who suffer with swollen feet or ankles.
  • The only socks endorsed by the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

    HJ Hall Socks are proud to be associated with the IOCP and have their endorsement on the Softop® ranges and HJ Hall Diabetic Socks.